• 30ml CUBA LIBRE eLiquid

    30ml CUBA LIBRE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Cuba Libre is the result of countless hours of mixing different versions and many trial sessions with vapers to find that one perfect mix. The fizzy and fiery feel of coke and rum are in perfect harmony, and the small yet crucial ingredient, lime juice, comes across only as a delicate afterthought. The white and amber rums in Cuba Libre have a beautiful fruity aroma and a balanced, long finish with deliciously complex undertones of spicy caramel and chocolate.

  • 30ml CHOCOLATE CAKE eLiquid

    30ml CHOCOLATE CAKE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Intensely aromatic, our Chocolate Cake blend is a sinful delight with layers upon delicious layers of chocolatey goodness. It tastes so good, many vapers substitute it for dessert! Superbly balanced, Chocolate Cake is not a dry vape like typical chocolate cake liquids; the moisture level is just right. A deeply rich and smoky blend, Chocolate Cake delivers a heavenly taste through mammoth chunks of juicy vapor.

  • 30ml CASHEW NUT eLiquid

    30ml CASHEW NUT eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Brazil is a treasure chest of delicious flavors and the cashew nut is proof! It has what you might call a high class taste; unique, luxurious and deeply satisfying. True to the original, our Cashew Nut blend has a somewhat sweetish earthy and nutty taste that was achieved only after many hours of detailed fine-tuning.

  • 30ml ICY MANGO eLiquid

    30ml ICY MANGO eLiquid

    € 6.75

    It takes two to tango, and that's exactly why we combined super smooth mango mellowness with the cool and refreshing taste of minty menthol! A ripe mango has a deliciously sweet taste with a gentle touch of zesty flavor. Add to that the awesomeness of ice cold menthol and you get a taste like no other! Highly aromatic and super smoky, Icy Mango has a very impressive vapor profile that is rich in taste without being overwhelming.

  • 30ml LEMON TREE eLiquid

    30ml LEMON TREE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Crisp and clear with a slightly sharp taste, Lemon Tree is rounded off with a touch of sweetness for an extremely refreshing vape! Loaded with the citric goodness of lemons, Lemon Tree has a fabulous vapor profile with fizzy and tangy top notes ending with a beautifully calm aftertaste.

  • 30ml BANANAVILLE eLiquid

    30ml BANANAVILLE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Bananaville will mesmerize you the moment you open the bottle. It's an incredibly aromatic liquid that tastes as good as it smells! The chemistry is arranged is such a way that the deep natural sweetness of banana and vanilla does not overpower your tastebuds. There is also a hint of delicious creaminess in the background that perfectly complements the vape.

  • 30ml NOCCIOLA PLEASURE eLiquid

    30ml NOCCIOLA PLEASURE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Nocciola is Italian for hazelnut, and Italians definitely know how to prepare hazelnuts! First of all, Nocciola Pleasure is made with the extracts of roasted hazelnuts, not raw ones. The roasting process brings out rich aromas and flavors that gives nuts their delicious smoky taste. A fully wholesome blend, Nocciola Pleasure produces buttery smooth vapor with a subtle sweetness that is absolutely amazing!

  • 30ml POLAR MINT eLiquid

    30ml POLAR MINT eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Polar Mint will take your breath away and replace it with the freshest, cleanest feeling you've ever known. It reflects the sensation of breathing extremely cold and pure air with a minty twist that makes you feel as if you were vaping an iceberg frosted with menthol!

  • 30ml ICY PINEAPPLE eLiquid

    30ml ICY PINEAPPLE eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Another fine selection from our exotic and tropical blends, Icy Pineapple is a gorgeously vibrant vape; it's based on the super succulent taste of tropical pineapples and rounded off with a flawless menthol finish. Icy Pineapple is a very aromatic and versatile liquid. You can vape it at a wide range of output levels using different vaping gear, but you'll find the taste is always top notch.