CLS Atomizer (Clear)

If we had to summarize, we would say the Pharmacig CLS atomizer is absolutely exceptional in terms of vapor volume and flavor transmission. These two aspects are the most important points in any atomizer - the performance you get from the Pharmacig CLS is simply amazing!

• 100% Organic Japanese Cotton Wicks
• Bottom Coil Technology
• Newly Developed Nickel-Chrome Coils
• Patented Double Anti-Leakage System
• Self-Adjusting Atomizer Pole
• 1.6Ω Double Short Circuit Protection
• 1.8ml | Changeable Drip Tip
• 510/eGo Cross Compatibility

Filling is very easy too. First, turn the atomizer upside down. Unscrew the atomizer base and separate it from the atomizer body by turning it counter-clockwise (do not use excessive force, applying normal strength is enough). The silver tube in the middle is the chimney, this is the part where vapor travels through. Make sure you do not get any e-liquid in the chimney. For best results, keep the tip of the e-liquid bottle between the chamber and the chimney when filling. We recommend leaving a small part of the chamber empty. Once the chamber is filled, wipe off spillage (if any) and screw the atomizer back onto the atomizer body by turning it clockwise (again, do not use excessive force, applying normal strength is enough). You can now screw the whole atomizer onto the battery, but don't use it right away one you're done filling. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes so the wicks are fully saturated, this will optimize vapor performance.

Package Contents

1x CLS Atomizer (Clear)
1x 1.6Ω Atomizer Head