30ml TOBACCO & COGNAC 0mg eLiquid (Without Nicotine)

Luxurious, intense and unbelievably rich in taste, our Tobacco & Cognac blend is the topmost of top shelf liquids! A well-rounded and relatively mild vape, Tobacco & Cognac is a medium-bodied tobacco vape infused with the fruity and slightly acidic taste of fine cognac.

Tobacco & Cognac is a complex yet incredibly balanced liquid; flavor layering is achieved without weakening the taste of tobacco or cognac. Furthermore, the natural dryness of cognac is matched with a slight moistness in the tobacco. The vape starts with a very fulfilling mild tobacco flavor, then escalates with the added layer of cognac that really makes your taste buds tickle and tingle. The throat kick is very flexible; with lower nicotine and higher resistances, you get a soft and soothing effect. With higher nicotine and lower resistances, the throat kick increases in strength and delivers a very respectable hit. From taste to performance, Tobacco & Cognac is an exceedingly sophisticated blend fit for royalty!

ISO 9001 Quality Certified European Product Pharmacig liquids are produced in the EU by HEXOcell Laboratories using the highest quality ingredients available.

Package Contents

1x 30ml Tobacco & Cognac 0mg E-Liquid (80%VG)