30ml CIGAR TOBACCO 9mg eLiquid (With Nicotine, Medium)

Cigar Tobacco is a very sophisticated blend made with extracts from highly aromatic and super smoky cigar tobaccos. The vapor is packed with juicy cigar flavors that can be tasted at every stage of the vape. It's an incredibly luxurious vape, you can feel the quality of the vapor from the moment you take a puff.

On the inhale, the flavor is deep and intense; you can feel the woody/earthy taste typical of premium cigars. On the exhale, the taste is calmer and lingers for a short second as you savor the goodness. Cigar Tobacco has a solid vapor profile that is felt beautifully on the throat, regardless of nicotine and output levels of your ecigarette. To maximize the vape, we suggest vaping it by taking slow drags and releasing the vapor without inhaling - this is the way to smoke most cigars and doing so will bring out the very best in Cigar Tobacco. Huge volumes of vapor, amazingly accurate flavor transmission levels and a legendary throat kick - you can't go wrong with Cigar Tobacco!

ISO 9001 Quality Certified European Product Pharmacig liquids are produced in the EU by HEXOcell Laboratories using the highest quality ingredients available.

Package Contents

1x 30ml Cigar Tobacco 9mg E-Liquid (80%VG)