• 30ml TOBACCO & COGNAC eLiquid

    30ml TOBACCO & COGNAC eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Luxurious, intense and unbelievably rich in taste, our Tobacco & Cognac blend is the topmost of top shelf liquids! A well-rounded and relatively mild vape, Tobacco & Cognac is a medium-bodied tobacco vape infused with the fruity and slightly acidic taste of fine cognac.

  • 30ml PURE BLACK TOBACCO eLiquid

    30ml PURE BLACK TOBACCO eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Pure Black is an exquisite dark tobacco blend made for vapers who appreciate different types of tobaccos. It incorporates extracts only from air-cured dark tobaccos such as One Sucker, Green River, Cavendish and other choice cultivars.

  • 30ml BIG IN JAPAN eLiquid

    30ml BIG IN JAPAN eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Big in Japan combines more than 10 different types of select tobaccos. Burley, perique, shade, bright leaf Virginia, latakia, Turkish and many other quality tobaccos come together for a truly astonishing blend! Big in Japan is as complex as the country itself; some of the tobaccos are light and dry, some are strong and aromatic, some are dark and moist.

  • 30ml NEW YORK CITY eLiquid

    30ml NEW YORK CITY eLiquid

    € 6.75

    An ultra-smooth blend with solid tobacco undertones, New York City has a slightly nutty and sweet taste that ends on a semi-sweet top note. The tobacco and sweetness are in perfect harmony with each other. This makes for a seriously good vape that tastes absolutely divine! An intense and full-bodied vape, New York City is incredibly smooth, chunky, and full of smoky tobacco flavors.

  • 30ml TOBACCO & MINT eLiquid

    30ml TOBACCO & MINT eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Tobacco & Mint is based on dry and smoky Middle Eastern tobaccos and relatively moist North American tobaccos. The deeply aromatic and flavorsome nature of these tobaccos are fine tuned with just the right amount of minty menthol. The net effect is amazingly realistic, vaping with Tobacco & Mint is incredibly similar to smoking a menthol cigarette!

  • 30ml GOLDEN TOBACCO eLiquid

    30ml GOLDEN TOBACCO eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Golden Tobacco is a beautifully balanced liquid made with select Virginia brightleaf tobacco extracts. A mild and very aromatic vape, Golden Tobacco is slightly sweet like the original tobacco itself. It has an earthy quality that translates into an extremely pleasant, super smoky vaping experience.

  • 30ml RED TOBACCO eLiquid

    30ml RED TOBACCO eLiquid

    € 6.75

    With a rich and robust profile, Red Tobacco is precision-tuned to absolute perfection! The super smoky Oriental tobacco base is balanced with just a hint of sweetness to make it taste exactly like what the cowboy smokes! Red Tobacco delivers medium-strength vapor that goes down smooth as silk and makes your throat tingle with pleasure.

  • 30ml SILVER SILK eLiquid

    30ml SILVER SILK eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Silver Silk is a signature blend made with sun-cured tobacco extracts. Sun-curing is a process that increases aromatic compounds and makes the tobacco lighter. Silver Silk is indeed a vape on the mild side with very gentle and sophisticated vapor qualities. Unique and utterly fantastic, Silver Silk gives off a relatively dry vapor that retains just the right amount of moisture.

  • 30ml CIGAR TOBACCO eLiquid

    30ml CIGAR TOBACCO eLiquid

    € 6.75

    Cigar Tobacco is a very sophisticated blend made with extracts from highly aromatic and super smoky cigar tobaccos. The vapor is packed with juicy cigar flavors that can be tasted at every stage of the vape. It's an incredibly luxurious vape, you can feel the quality of the vapor from the moment you take a puff.